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My wife Mary and I founded Caliber Embroidery in 2001 on one simple premise – to make our customers happy by doing what we love. Pretty simple. 

Welcome to the family business, the backbone of America. That statement invokes the basic standards we all look for when we shop for our goodsand services. Honesty, integrity, and putting the customer’s best interest before their own. Pretty simple.

We have never lost sight of that fundamental statement. Increasing our annual revenue was never our goal or motivation to be in the embroidery business. When we make our customers happy, the rest takes care of itself. Pretty simple. 

Re-create your design with accuracy. Produce the highest quality embroidery. Select the apparel and accessories that will best compliment your project’s image. These are the goals that we at Caliber Embroidery Services strive to achieve with each customer and every order. We understand and respect the time and effort it has taken to create your image, and will work with you to bring it to life in the best possible way. That means that we can work directly alongside you, from the initial design phase of your project to the delivery of the finished product. We perform of all of the steps needed to create your project in-house, which enables us to maximize the quality of your project at every stage. Finally, every project that we touch is completed in time and cost-efficient fashion to best suit your needs. Pretty simple.  

After 18 years, we are very happy to announce the addition of our daughter Katie to the family business. She will develop and manage the growth of our embroidery business to include our expansion into promotional products, newly named Caliber Promotionals. You will receive the same level of service and attention from her as you have come to expect from Mary and me at Caliber Embroidery. We are looking forward to having her get to know you and your business. 

Keeping it simple,
Greg Miller

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